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Mobile turn-based strategy game Strategilization. Core concepts, country parameters, implementation phase tracking

Game in the development phaseEdit

This is a true strategy game for mobile, in which you will give the upper-level strategic orders to guide your country's development. Game's website:

The game is currently in the pre-alpha and will be moved to alpha stage soon. The core gameplay is being rebuilt and stabilized. This wiki will describe the game's core concepts.

Game Concepts Edit

Population layers






Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Talk:Population layers
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: it would be good if you explained precisely what buildings did what. each building isn't explained very clearly if at all inside gameplay. 
  • new page Knowledge
    created by Airapport
    New page: Knowledge reflects how advanced your civilization is. There are 5 knowledge branches in game: Engineering: How advanced buildings can you build and...
  • edit Strategilization Wiki
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    Summary: Game Concepts:
  • edit Strategies
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  • new page Terain
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: If you played Civilization, the terrain concept of Strategilization is familiar to you. There are 4 water and 4 land terrain types, and land terrain...
  • edit Strategilization Wiki
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    Summary: Game Concepts:
  • new page Resources
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    New page: Food Labor Exploration Military Soft power Research
  • new page Strategies
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    New page: The key feature and advantage of Strategilization is that the player doesn't need to manually perform every action. What you need to do is just to...
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  • new page Ideas
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    New page: Ideas are what makes your civilization inhabitants to do something. The ideas gain support and counter-action from the players' soft power. Also...

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Exploration planning in Strategilization

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