Labor is the key resource produced by your Population.

Every City population point produces 10 Labor/turn.

Besides cities, Labor can be produced in the Production Rural area

The standard flows of the Labor go this way:

  1. Labor is produced in the Production Rural area
  2. This labor is transported to cities
  3. Labor, produced by the city inhabitants is added
  4. Amplifiers from the appropriate city buildings are applied
  5. Labor is spent for the city buildings upkeep
  6. The remaining labor is partially converted into exploration, military power, expansion, according to the ideas of the city population.
  7. One part of the remaining labor goes to city improvement strategy, another goes to the country's common labor, which can be spent to terrain improvement strategy
  8. The labor which remains in the city will be spent to building and upgrading city buildings
  9. The labor which goes outside will be spent to the upkeep of terrain buildings, as well upgrading them and building new ones. Also flows of labor can be directed to the rural areas to empower their development strategy